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First Independent Clinic To Be Regulated in Glasgow and The West Of Scotland

The Belmont Clinic is the first independent clinic in Glasgow and the west of Scotland to be regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland under new legislation designed to safeguard individuals who undergo aesthetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers.

The Belmont Clinic quickly recognised the importance of being regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and have set an important benchmark which all other clinics in Glasgow will now have to follow. The new legislation requires that all independent clinics who carry out surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Scotland, such as anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, must register by April 2017. The new law also applies to dentists, dental care professionals and midwives.

These measures are intended to protect the public by providing reassurance that registered clinics and practitioners are operating under high standards and they have the necessary safety measures in place.

Any clinic or practitioner that fails to register by April 2017 will be in breach of the legislation and will either have to stop practising or face legal action.

Registration for independent clinics commenced on April 01, 2016. Since then, 258 service providers across Scotland have responded to say they will be required to register and are in the process of completing their applications. Healthcare Improvement Scotland estimates there are around 500 independent clinics in Scotland which must register by April 2017.

The Belmont Clinic's Managing Director Nancy Murray commented "The Belmont Clinic's objective has always been to provide a best in class service and care which puts our clients first in everything we do. The new legislation for independent clinics and the support offered by Healthcare Improvement Scotland will ensure the safest environment is available for every patient. Patients should be asking any clinic or practitioner they are considering getting treatments from what their plans are regarding becoming registered and regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland."

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